Rock Of Asia presents
"Justice For Foreigners Vol 1 "
9月2日(金) 7:00PM 入場無料/No entry fee


彼に会いに刑務所や入国管理局に足を運び、お金を寄付し、サポートグループを作った。彼の保証人となった。今も日本で多く起きている外国人えん罪、そして差別。ナイジェリア大使館からもサポートを受け、日本に住む外国人と日本人がより良き関係を構築できるよう、イベントを主催する事になった。第1回は渋谷のPinkCow にて。ここはアメリカ人の経営するアメリカンスタイルのレストラン。入場は無料だがフード、またはドリンクのオーダー要。

9月2日(金) The Pink Cow  レストラン 午後5時オープン  イベント開始:午後7時

出演:Shaylee / Haow / Tyron / Rock Of Asia

Rock Of Asia の出演は9時頃。出演者は弾き語り、ラップなどジャンルを超えたインターナショナルなミュージック・イベントである。また外国人からのメッセージを込めたトークも行われる。

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I got involved in this Nigerian case with the false rape charge through Amnesty International activity 3 years ago. A Japanese woman claimed that she was raped by him back in 2007. Without any evidence, the police arrested him and the trial followed. The bar owner from Africa was sentenced to guilty for 3 years of this crime he did not commit. Why was his freedom taken away for 3 years ? Our society that tends to exclude a foreigner from a distant developing country, is it the issue? Is our legal system working? Is there justice for foreigners?

I visited the Maebashi prison and Immigration Bureau numerous times, donated money and joined a support group and kept on supporting him.

There are other false charges involving foreigners in Japan. This event was organized to raise awareness of this complexity of Japanese society. And is supported by the Embassy of Nigeria It will feature musical acts, namely Shaylee, Haow, Tyron and my own Rock Of Asia

Location : The Pink Cow in Shibuya (1-3-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Sep. 2, 2011 (Fri) . Restaurant opens at 5PM. Event starts at 7PM
Free event with drink and food orders.

The Pink Cow is a restaurant / art bar located near both Shibuya and Omotesando Stations where you can enjoy homemade international dishes, a wide selection of wines and beers, art and music and fun events in a relaxing setting.

inquiry   Tel : 03-5404-8475 Japan Communication International

Written by Nikki Matsumoto


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