2012 Middle East Tour / Israel (Nov.12 & 18)

Nov.12th / University of Haifa, Israel
First, we were greeted by the University of Haifa with this fantastic poster. This showed their friendship and after we met them, we felt it right away. We had a great time meeting them, they have prapared Sushi and it was the first Sushi in the Middle East, so you can imagine how excited we were.

Everything about Haifa was beautiful. We loved the accoustics in the hall we performed.
Special thanks to Dr.Miki Bul, Prof.Kowner, the dinner and discussion were very nice. We wish you well.

YouTube Clips
Lal Dhaga
The Lore
Guardian Of The Sea

Nov.18th / the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

This gig was bit difficult because we stayed in Palestine from Nov.13th to 17th, were invovled in the Palestine Youth Week and we had to ask the organizer at the Hebrew University to reschedule it at the last minute. I knew it was difficult and also Jerusalem was bombed by Hamas rockets during this period.

We were not sure if we could play but were rather surprised to see that everything seemed normal once we arrived in Jerusalem. A quiet old town, and young bright Israelis were very friendly.

We have to thank especially this beautiful female student, Tali, they prepared this nice poster (even though this was rescheduled at the last minute). And yes another dish of Sushi!

My sincere applogy to Dr.Nissim Otmazgin who was the organizer who invited us, but had to go out of town and missed our gig because we moved the date from the 14th to 18th. Please enjoy the video.

YouTube Clip  Soran-Bushi

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