Nikki Matsumoto (Vocals, Biwa, Guitar) :

Born in Chiba. He formed his first rock band at the age of 14. Moved to California when he was 18, and played with American musicians in Los Angeles area throughout mid 80’s and 90’s. The main brain behind Rock Of Asia. A composer, lyricist, vocalist, producer, plays guitar, biwa, bass, keyboards, etc..

Also an activist and volunteer, the founder of NGO "Others 1st Initiative" and director of "Japan Palestine Friendship Association".

Right after the Tsunami hit the Northen part of Japan in 2011, he immediately reached out to the victims and spent months in Iwate , one of the hardest hit areas, helping people.

In 2014, he released solo CD "Palestine On My Mind" dedicated to the people of Palestine. He has met the president Abbas and other top officials of Palestinian Authority and presented the CD.

He believes that people are the same everywhere in the world. Music is a great tool to make people get united and Rock Of Asia can prove it.

Yasu Murase (Guitar) :

Born in Aichi. He plays electric and acoustic guitars and especially loves to play Flamenco music. Participated in various artists and soundtrack, CM music, animation music as an arranger, composer and a player. Debuted in pop group PROJECT MOONLIGHT CAFE in 1993.

Released five pieces of albums in acoustic guitar instrumental music unit IMEHA after 2001 and did collaboration with various artists. His project appearances include animation 'One Piece', 'JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE’ and computer game music ' Sakura Taisen'.

He joined Rock Of Asia in 2012 adding nice essence to the Asian sound of the group.

Kizen Ohyama (Shakuhachi) :

Born in Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa. He was taught the traditional Shakuhachi by Master Ryu Matsuyama and the contemporary music by Kifu Mitsuhashi. The name of Kizen was bestowed after all these accomplishments.

He completed the 55th NHK traditional Japanese music course and passed the audition of the national broadcasting association. Now he is a member of the NHK traditional Japanese music educational association. He also teaches at music school ESP entertainment Osaka.

In 2013, he performed at the Izumo Taisha Shrine. He also performed in Korea for Asia Folk Music Festival in 2015. He was invited to play by JAPAN TAG held in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2017. Also in the same year, he performed at the French embassy in Tokyo.

Joined Rock Of Asia in 2013 bringing the new and old sound of the traditional instrument to the group.

Yuuki Ishii  (Violin) :

Born in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba. Graduate of Shobi Music School Classical Music Course. She has performed not only with Orchestras and indoor assembles, but appeared at numbers of live concerts and TV programs playing Western pop music, Japanese Enka and Japanese pop music.

As a solo violinist, she participated the tour of Ryoko Tsumoda who was the MC for the ever popular TV show on NHK (National Broadcasting Association) "Okaasan To Issho". The popular singers she has played for include Izumi Yukimura, Peggy Hayama, Youich Sugawara, Hiroshi Itsuki and Kururi etc.

She is the newest member of Rock Of Asia . And the tour to Egypt was so special, she enjoyed every minute of it.

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