2012 tour members consists of 5 members, featuring guitarist Yasu Murase and shakuhachi player Daisuke Kaminaga. This line-up of Rock Of Asia is touring in the middle east in the fall of 2012.

    Nikki Matsumoto (Vocals, Biwa, Guitar) :

Born in Chiba. He formed his first rock band at the age of 14. Moved to California when he was 18, and played with American musicians in Los Angeles area throughout mid 80’s and 90’s.. The main brain behind Rock Of Asia. A composer, lyricist, vocalist, producer, plays guitar, biwa, bass, keyboards, etc..

Also an activist and volunteer, member of several NGO’s . He has been involved in human rights activities helping Africans mainly. Last year spent time with volunteer groups right after the Tsunami disaster in Japan, worked with the Turkish rescue team and other NGO’s in the disaster area

He believes that people are the same everywhere in the world. Music is a great tool to make people get united and Rock Of Asia can prove it, he believes..

Yasu Murase (Guitar)

Born in Aichi. He plays electric and acoustic guitars and especially loves to play Flamenco. Participated in various artists and soundtrack, CM music, animation music as an arranger, composer and a player. Debuted in pop group PROJECT MOONLIGHT CAFE in 1993.

Released five pieces of albums in acoustic guitar instrumental music unit IMEHA after 2001 and did collaboration with various artists. He joined Rock Of Asia in 2012 adding nice essence to the Asian sound of the group.

Junichi Ohyama (Shakuhachi) :

Kay Suzuki (Violin) :
PHOTO Printing Daisuke Miyata (Taiko Drums and Percussion)


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