Nikki Matsumoto's Rock Of Asia
Nikki Matsumoto spent 14 years in LA, playing and recording original rock music. His hard rock band Gargoyle and Negro East appeared on a couple of compilation CD's released in the mid 90's in US.

He used to play electric guitars just like any other musicians in LA. After Coming back to the native land Japan, he has been writing songs for many Japanese artists such as Eizo Sakamoto and Arkstorm.

Apart from song writing work, musically Nikki had been inspired by his roots, the sound of Asian music.
In Tokyo, Oct.10, 2010

Bollyhood Cafe in San Francisco Apr.1, 2010
      He had formed a folk unit called Fallin' Leaf which released 1album in 2006. In 2008, Nikki made a solo album featuring Erhu, the Chinese violin. And in 2009, his 3 men unit (Asian Fok Rock) played extensively throughout the first half of the year, highlighted by Tokyo-Osaka tour with a Tasmania folk duo, The Sign in June and July.

After the tour, he had developed his project to a full band. Nikki Matsumoto’s Rock Of Asia was born. The band leased its debut CD in March 2011. The album features an unlikely combination of European and Oriental instruments such as Koto, Shamisen, Erhu and Violin.

Rock Of Asia is his project. When the band performs, it features different musicians in a variety of formation. The band played 3 shows in North California during the spring of 2010. The formation included a Shamisen player and a violinist, plus a drummer and bassist. But the rest of shows in Japan that year included Erhu, Sho, Koto and Shamisen players in different formation from time to time.

Promo shot, August 2010
In Tokyo, Jul..25, 2010  

Cairo Daily News, November 2012
The year 2012 was a new chapter for Rock Of Asia. After releasing the 2nd album on Oct.13th, the band toured in the Middle East, namely Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

Even though the tour was a success and Rock Of Asia was welcome everywhere from Cairo to Jerusalem, as soon as they arrived in Palestine, Israel started bombing Gaza.

They did finish the tour without any issues, but this was a turning point of the band. The 2nd album is very political, but now Rock Of Asia is also an activist.
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